Software Development

ZOG Global provides software development services to support both stand-alone devices and machine to machine communication systems. Our solutions include firmware, device drivers, embedded apps, and middleware. All these are built within a data-driven environment to support artificial intelligence, automation, and machine-to-machine communication

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Mobile Application Development

Our mobile application development solutions are designed to assist organizations in solving challenges and offer users a superb experience across all mobile operating systems. During the development process, our design and engineering teams incorporate time-tested engineering patterns to cut down the time and save you costs.

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Software Testing

Through a talented and passionate software engineering team, ZOG Global provides complete software testing services for companies. We help you ensure that your software is fully functional, reliable, secure, and user-friendly before and after launch.

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Web Development

We understand the increasing competition for online performance and visibility. Our web development solutions adopt a responsive approach, with flexible layouts and high user experience, to boost your organization’s visibility across multiple devices and platforms.

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UI and UX Design Services

Do you want to build your product with a distinct design process, meet deadlines, and deliver bang-on results? Turn to ZOG Global’s UI and UX services. Our design team is a blend of creative people that easily and quickly help you create a winning product.

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Dedicated Development team as a service

ZOG Global provides you to nurture your inner talent with our dedicated team of engineering professionals, architects, and project managers with proven experience in building design, such as designing complete solutions, commissioning, and performing tasks.

91% of our workforce is senior- mid-level engineers with degrees in computing or math. Our inner strength lies in strengthening your current teams with our talent or building the best teams from bottom to top.

Why choose Zog Global for your custom Software Development?


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ZOG Global make sure you are happy with our outstanding service.

What does Build 4 Happiness mean?

We put customer satisfaction as our top priority. An essential difference between us and other software engineering companies is that our Build 4 Happiness strategy ensures the end product is what you expected at all levels. To guarantee this, we offer a 1-month free Warranty support to fine-tune the solution to exceed the customer expectation and ensure you are happy with our services.

Our Software Development Lifecycle Strategy

Our Team will work with you to determine your software account’s preferred functionality and prepare a detailed evaluation for you. A non-disclosure agreement is signed, assuring that you and you alone own the intellectual property of the project.

The project’s assets are yours, and the source code will be signed by you upon final payment. This streamlined and efficient production cycle produces high-quality software that meets your specifications.

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