We help you transform your IT with the right services, proficiency and strategy
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Infra Assessment

We evaluate the digital maturity of our client’s infrastructure components and develop a roadmap toward digital excellence.

  • Infrastructure & Network Environment
  • Strategic Cloud Migration
  • Automation Tools, Users and Applications

Service Integration

Our integration service specialists are dedicated to designing and ensuring your existing automation and management systems are respected and leveraged.

  • Separating from a parent firm
  • Rise up of standalone environment
  • Integration with any 3rd Party
  • Calibration of processes and protocols
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Managed Infra Services

We become a part of your existing team, performing daily operations of your IT infrastructure from Remote

  • Data Centres
  • Network
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Applications

Cloud Journey

We make you go beyond and elevate your workloads in the cloud. We will support you throughout your cloud journey

  • Process
  • Migration
  • Cloud Elevation
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Build 4 Happiness Difference

We put customer satisfaction as our top priority. An essential difference between us and other software engineering companies is that our Build 4 Happiness strategy ensures the end product is what you expected at all levels. To guarantee this, we offer one month free Warranty support to fine-tune the solution to exceed the customer expectation and ensure you are happy with our services.

Data Protection

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Data protection strategy

We offer multiple data protection options using best in class technology for organizations of all sizes. Defend any physical of virtual base operating on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and make your applications available in less time.

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Defend your business

The strongest data protection strategy is inevitable for any business. Mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency with our business continuity solutions

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Risk reduction: Secure your business’s data in the Cloud

Is your technology infrastructure hardened enough to confront natural disasters, power outages, and other problems? They will cost your business and even shut your business down and do so within no time! We cannot control the disasters, but you can minimize downtime with a business continuity. ZOG Global’s latest AI Solution can help you here: Find out now.

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Operational Endurance & Virtualization

Quickly restore one or all of your infrastructure files with complete protection from system failure, natural disasters, and human error.
  • Revoke the impacts of a ransomware attack by restoring to a previous point in time.
  • Interruptions can greatly impact a business’s ability to produce revenue and provide a risk for future growth and reputation.
  • Power up a failed server back online, locally, or in a secure cloud as quickly as possible.

How do I defend myself from Ransomware?

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Frequent Data Back-ups

Always keep a clean back up of your data. Remember, you might be the next target. So make sure you have a recovery plan in place at the time of ransomware attack.

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Never open unfamiliar Email / Links / Attachments

If it’s too good to be true, it must be a fraud. The reason ransomware is so effective is that individuals are attracted by its bait, specifically through emails. Never click unfamiliar links and never open untrusted attachments.

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Trusted apps

Authentic software may cost a few dollars, but this delivers legitimacy and heartsease. Make sure that you do not download files from unknown sources or the internet.

How ZOG Global protect your business and IT Infrastructure

  • Dedicated Security Consultant
  • 24×7 SOC Monitoring Analysts
  • Real-time Incident Validation
  • Intelligent Threat Monitoring
  • Incident Management & Support
  • High Performance & Scalable Results
  • Competitively Priced Solutions
  • End-to-end security and protection

Transformation is not an upcoming event, it’s a present-day action