Engagement Models

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Fixed Bid (FB)

The cost of building an application is discussed and determined before receiving the project. Cost is usually defined based on the specified work and it cannot be changed once the contract is signed. The 'milestones' discussed earlier will be charged, and we expect the full payment upon completion. Ideal for small and emergency project sizes. It works perfectly when the details of the project are clearly stated and adapted.

T&M Model

The Time & Materials model is an attractive choice in cases where the scope, specification and implementation requirements cannot be clearly defined at the beginning of the project. According to this model, the client pays agreed costs per hour to developers and project managers' efforts. For this engagement model, ZOG Global builds project teams and provides the tools and infrastructure to meet project needs. The model offers enough flexibility to balance team size and project workload - and, as a result, budget.

Agile Fixed Price (AFP)

The Scope divides into active user stories that are typical of agile methodology. When completing each story, the provider is paid the price based on the story size set during the planning session, regardless of the actual effort required. User Stories that are not accepted by the customer will only be paid upon completion. This model shifts the provider's risk at the story level and encourages the provider to work faster.

We Help You Form Your Team

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Our team will carefully review your project needs to find you the best and suitable workforce for your project. Moreover, make sure we understand your end goal and support you to the finish line.

So you may not get a professional developer (or a team of them) contracted, but work with people who care deeply about your project, understand your ultimate goal, and get to the finish line.


  • High level of security
  • Agile software development
  • Uninterrupted communication
  • Increase flexibility and scalability
  • Best cost to quality proportion
  • A team dedicated to your project
  • Experts to meet tight deadlines
  • Team united to your business goals
  • Support to fill critical skill gap
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Our Development strategy

We adopt results-focused modus operandi, and an agile approach helps us to stay flexible and maintain control. Agile methodology with a blend of the Waterfall approach will always deliver the best results to develop the solutions within the project plan and timelines. With Agile MOSCOW prioritization, you could reprioritize the project deliverables. At the same time, with Waterfall, keep up the deadline with proper design updates.

We Make I.T. Simple for You

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We will help you with the Talent your business need.

Form your team

We will find your imminent team from our current talent pool, or search more if necessary.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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