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Security Orchestration & Automation

ZOG Global’s security orchestration and automation solutions automate response to low-risk security threats while creating a priority system for high-risk threats. Organizations can reduce risk exposure and boost security operations while maintaining consistency of processes.

Network Security Design & Support

We provide network security design and support to deter the following: malicious use, unauthorized access, destruction, tampering, faults, and illegal disclosure of your network’s infrastructure and operations.

Cyber Security Support

ZOG Global provides cyber security support services via schedules network maintenance and 24/7 desktop technical support. We help you maintain a fully reactive system to serve and communicate with customers and employees efficiently.

Penetration Testing

ZOG Global believes a network is as strong as its weakest link. That is why we regularly assess cyber-security levels by carrying out penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and a comprehensive security audit to manage all forms of cyber threats.

Data Loss Prevention Tool Management & Support

We provide cryptographic solutions to ensure the protection of sensitive data while maintaining compliance with all jurisdictional regulations. Our sophisticated encryption range is in line with the strongest international standards and certifications.

Identity & Access Management

ZOG Global Identity and Access Management solutions ensure the provision of secure and convenient access to resources and information to all users. We provide multi-factor authentication and single-sign-on solutions to manage the lifecycles of identities and access.

We help you understand Where they came from, Who they are, What they mean & Remediate Intelligently
Predicting business-related adversity is difficult, but that should not prevent you from embracing the opportunity. It is vital for every business, have access to data and reliable technology for operational success. We believe that there is no all-in-one mode inspection, and AI-based solutions on cybersecurity. We recommend Workdeck-AI an all one Infrastructure automation and cybersecurity solution, custom-designed for your company's need.


Strategic features and benefits of cyber security listed out
Strategic features of cyber security

Identity Governance and Management

Our security service brings more than security information. We specialize in helping our clients build their own security systems to protect their organization. We bring a combination of business and technology experienced to every security project and maximize our client’s investment.

Security risks are always high. Your organization needs next gen security. ZOG Global’s security service starts with a free consultation from our security team in the UK. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your organization’s protection.

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We protect businesses by scanning cyber threats, evaluating vulnerabilities, and remediating risks using intelligent automated security solutions personalized to the client’s needs. We support companies to grow the business in cloud environments, making it much safer to maintain confidential information in modern digital systems.

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Stages of threat management listed

Identify and mitigate the growing threat landscape of sophisticated attacks and secure your business. Learn more about how ZOG Global can help you protect your company